Lessons for Home is greatly needed lessons for toddlers thru 10 and 14 to 21 year olds.

The toddlers thru 10 year olds are given Raise Right.  Raise Right are basic teachings of how to conduct oneself and treat others.  The lessons are made to be catchy for children.  All one needs to do is sit down with the child and play the audio lessons; we done "all the work" to teach your kinds how to live.  You would need to go over the lessons over and over, a complete cycle at a time-to ensure the children are "getting it."

The lessons for 14 to 21 year olds are things they greatly need to learn.  We also advice you sit with your youth and review these lessons.  Most adults are not prepared to teach kids how to live; we done all the work for you.  The lessons are based on Real Dope's 18-year study of what we need to learn.

Lessons for Home is under paid the subscription.