This forum is dire needed How to Live lessons of Real Dope written on the adult level.  The lessons will be "personal", giving special attention unlike general preaching; which personal is needed.  It is/will present the important personal topics of life" (summaries and ...) from author Williejay T. Strong, producer-artist Real Dope) with co-host Ndongo Manga Catherine.  Participants are to access these ideas during scheduled chat time as spiritual entertainment. The topics cover "all" areas of person life.  You should learn the Secrets of Life by participating in this Forum. You will enjoy the time here.


MEETING TIME:  The attendance times of the forum are these (to be added).  The forum is Sun. thru Fridays; down Saturdays for maintenance.


A new topic and lesson will be posted every week.


The topic and lessons posted on the forum will be in this orders (to be added).


Williejay's (Dr. Real Dope') books are on:  amazon.com/author/williejaytstrong or doctorrealdope.com.



You will get ahead in the game of life. You probably did not know all if not most of the very key things taught. The forum is the place for those serious about improving their person lives.

The information is structured, fully covering and importance are explained.  It covers how to live as a mature spiritual person (Christian ...).

The information are not same things preached over and over. You would eventually graduate from it; no need to attend church for decades.

You can attend whenever you need to.

You get to discuss topics with others and see what they think.

There are no bad leaders (insolent, politically bad ...) over you; which otherwise would give ineffective teachings and/or offend you.

You do not have people picking on you, bothering you when you do not feel like speaking ... (unlike typically at church).



Someone who really lived for God, Williejay T. Strong.

18 years of diligent study in how to live by a 21st century anointed man.  Read about him at:  https://www.williejaytstrong.com/about-me/.

A great long-time brew then condensation of what we need to learn about life.



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