This is what is a Spiritualist must do defined by Real Dope (Williejay T. Strong):

A spiritualist mate partner loves according to my definition of love, go to the link on this site (Here).  So many couples need to take advantage of being able to love each other good.  But until someone tries to govern getting that done it will not be done.  The world is hurting by not getting love but do not know it because it is not loving people.

God wants us to love; but we had not known how to love.  My definition of love may not be complete but it is a lot better than what we had.

Another part of being a spiritualist is to have Deep Love with God, Wisdom, as with your angel called the Spirit of Love and Jesus.  You need love as from a father, mother, mate partner and friend.  Having Deep Love will give you those-quite remarkable hu?  Learn how to have Deep Love from my book "Deep Love" on

Another part of being a Spiritualist is not wishing so for:

  • A mate partner (wife/husband ...);
  • Wealth;

When you do this you will relieve yourself of the anxieties to have them which makes so many people feel their lives are not good and they are always wanting, not settled.

The final part of being a Spiritualist is to do the rest of the things of my book "Practical Spirituality" on