This is a friendship with someone which you and her/him set dates of the month to express each other's personal feelings on thing one wants to talk about.  People need this to share emotions, to get entropy going to make life exciting and better for all.  I suggest the following topics be included:

  • Your need of Love (Love as defined on this site);
  • Your feelings about the suggested topics for being Real Dope Friends (as stated on this site);
  • Things from the Past;
  • Important Facts;
  • How People Are;
  • ...;

The second part of this makes it fitting/prepares one for marriage; you two are to have a set time to chat each day.  The communication of all this needs to be mandatory, the sex not.  You can substitute sexual incompatibility with virtual sex and it be just fine, really.  But if the communication is not there-you do not have godly person you need (that is my opinion).


In writing someone you would want to state something like below:


Hi my name is [the name you want to be called by].  How are you?  I seek a special relationship:  One which we share our emotional feelings (from the past, current ideas, feelings …) in a structed way and on a regular basis-that we can grow into marriage.  Are you interested?

Here is what I am thinking:  One the 1st‘s of the month I (or we) declare the next life principle/fact that we feel strong about.  On the 8th’s we submit our complete verbal recordings of how we feel about the topic.  On the 15th’s we in writing tell life situations/emotional feelings about whatever/to tell love verbal loving words we need from the other/….  Then on the 22nd’s we submit verbal recording uplift and full compassion for the other.  Are you in?  Most people do not have strong feelings about things.  I feel it ought to not be that way.  I feel we people miss out on expressing ourselves as I have depicted herein.  Last all writings or verbal recordings would be due by 9 p.m. on the dates.  We can get creative in what we express or want to discuss.  Does this sound good.  You would need to keep record or what we talked about to keep things interesting (different).  We would communicate via WhatsApp. or Skype (I prefer Skype). This idea is what I call Expressing Friends:


I also want us to have a set time we chat each day.  If you really do not think you will keep up with a set time, be Honest, then we do not need to pursue this.  Also I look for someone to practice love with throughout the life of the relationship.  Be Truthful.  Be honest.  I look forward to hearing from you.  Do not waste your time.  Let me know your position on these things.