If he/she does not love you from deep within his/her soul then is he/she giving you all the love you deserve?  No so do you cheat to get it?  Do you not care and return evil for evil?  No, the solution to this is to have deep relationships with God and Wisdom and use the Substitute System (see my book Deep Love).


By the Substitute System you can get the love you need.  Does it include conversation?  Yes, does it include sex?  Yes, does it include money?  Yes/No.  Sometimes the love is not deep (daily conversation).  Sometimes it is (to care about how you or the other felt/feel/was done wrong/think about something).


The Substitute System is that spare tire you need to get you down the road of life; that is what it is all about, living good all the time.  Sometimes you are going to be single.  Sometimes the relationship is going to be bad.  So you need the Substitute System to run in those times-to get you down the road of life good.


It takes deep love to take care of us like deep loving mothers.  Am I right?  So if one does not love deeply then one is not a loving person.  Yes some people just never been taught to love.  Which is not good.  Some people have been abused and just do not care.  That is not good neither.  No matter what God is Love too and calls us to be lovers too little gods.  But that does not mean we let people run over us.


Let go of the past.  Let go of the hate you have.  It is killing you, taking over.  You can win by loving.


How can we know if one deeply loves; One would show he/she cares:

  • How he/she talks to you;
  • About how you feel;
  • What you went thru;
  • That you do not have bad come unto you and directs you;
  • By encouraging/strengthening you;

It would not be nonchalant.


Love can hide a multitude of sins (Bible); a friend can cause you to move past trauma (of sins) done to you.  We yearn for human love, and it is not wrong to.  But we mess up by not taking a long time to figure out how to go about getting love and having a loving relationship considering satans trying to mess us up.


We need to teach to care and how to care.  If we did that then I believe it will separate the oil of us from water.  One should not have to go to a counselor to get care, listened to, understanding ….  All of that can be gotten from a relationship with Wisdom and a friend.  You can find a loving friend from www.CDFF.com.


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