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by Williejay T. Strong (Real Dope-BORN 1975)

Finally real black issues that other churches will and/or do not address.  Learn how to live being black amount the issues we blacks face.  Finally learn the information that you need to know, then graduate from church.
Online Heated and/or Development Meetings:
1.   Blacks and Numbers-A course on the things current blacks need to change in to have much better lives.  Covers things blacks do to themselves.
Coming Soon:
2.   Christian Talk-A course on important things that other Christians would not tell you-that are right.
3.   How to Marry God’s Way-A course on how to go about marriage the right way; based on an about 20 diligent year development.
4.   Raise Right-A course that teaches young kids 2 to 10 years old basic behavior principles they need to learn while young age so that they grow up right.  And teaches parents or guardians how to treat kids.
NOTE:  Please (Click Here) to see the schedules of the classes.  Once you attend a series of meetings then you/your child will be much better prepared for life.  In case you miss a meeting or would like to read the text material we will have an online church (subscription) for that; some in audio form.
Life Coaching for:

  1. Adults (Coming Soon).  Great advice well worth taking to avoid so many critical common life problems.
  2. Troubled adolescence (Coming Soon).  This is life coaching over many life areas to get adolescence better off and prepare them to live great lives; would prepare them to avoid so many common critical life mistakes.
Mate Partner (Pre-Marriage, Marriage ...) Coaching.  This is mate partner coaching based on about 20 diligent years of development (Coming Soon).
1.   Songs by Real Dope (Click Here) for the current songs.
Coming soon:
2.   Song Talent Radio
3.   Song Comedy Talent
4.   Arts Talent Web
My Many Revolutionary Books at DoctorRealDope.com:
1.   How to Play the Playars
2.   ...
Weekly Communion and Discussions

  1. Stop the Cycle for Adults-Heated topics and articles revolving around family posted once per month; (Click Here) to chat about it on Facebook.  (Click Here) to chat about it on our forum.
  2. Stop the Cycle for Kids-Heated topics and articles revolving around family posted once per month; (Click Here) to chat about it on Facebook.  (Click Here) to chat about it on our forum.


Tues Night Congregation Discussion
Audio (Coming Soon)
1.   Spiritual Mediation Sessions
2.   Dance Praise Time
3.   Loving Up (Affirmation given to you to Uplift You)
Do you need Prayer
We have an online form for asking for prayers and commenting to prayer requests.  The Houses of Prayer .com (Click Here).
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