Hi I am Williejay T. Strong.  I am reaching out to you with opens to "freely" offer you the opportunity to participate in A Great Spiritual Online Nation to Extremely:

  • Separate the non-faithful from faithful. We really are not to have bad people in our closest circles.  We had not realized this and this has greatly messed us up.  Unfaithful people (sinners; people who do wrong on purpose by selfishness) are the ones who hurt us and ruin our lives.  I teach us how to weed out people for mate partnering in my book “How to Play the Playars” from


  • Better of Blacks by providing:
    • Great: Food, Clothing, Cosmetics, Arts and Furniture that we will love at reasonable prices; Checkout the items on:


  • Help the mentally ill and lonely:  Which will feature Call Visit Friends for people to overcome loneliness and not have to cheat.


Please do me great favors madam/sir.  I am creating a Spiritual Strong-Education-Entertainment (The Great Online Church) for faithful Christians, real Christians.  Whenever you find someone who would like to freely participate in this great nation by me author-artist-producer ... Real Dope (Williejay T. Strong) then please:  Ask him/her to send his/her name, birthdate and e-mail address to the following e-mail address so I can send him/her our current e-mail newsletter (which focuses on blacks).  Let’s start this off with you.  Send me an-email (not here) with your name, birthday and e-mail address to  Have your Subject and Body Text say:  "I want to subscribe" along with your name ... in the body text.  You may receive an auto reply.


We plan to bring the following entertainment; review and utilize:

My (our) current songs, that will be here:

  • Website (one song)

  • YouTube (coming soon)


  • Reviews of our books (coming soon):

  • Where to purchase Williejay’s books:


  • Controversial Hot Adult Family Article:

  • Controversial Hot Kids Family Article:


  • Controversial Family Topics for Adults, and Kids:  This is a fun place to get hot about topics and see what others say and make your comment about them.


  • Real Dope Food for the USA (Revolutionary Tasting Food):


  • USA Small Business Network (Hope to Go Worldwide):


  • Free Business ... Networking to get Small to Big investors ... for your business, non-profit and/or Invention idea:


NOTE:  We are open for investors/partners.  Please have them contact; and if have not reached him there go to  Williejay is really anointed proven by his Biblical Correlation Discoveries on


Thank you