We solicit to you to be a member of good people of society, a group called "Spiritual Hip" (here).  There is no sign-up, no fees.  Just dedicate to doing the following to do God's will:


  • Be Adamant Against Oppression;
  • Totally go around "The Man" instead of thru, over ... trying to beat Him/Her/Them;
  • Take Advantage and Play by the Rules;
  • Work on having a Business; use only Your Talents; Learn Business to Do from my Book How to Live (Complete);
  • Refuse to Be Treated Bad thru Work, not Worked like a Black Slave; Learn Work to Do from my Book How to Live (Complete);
  • See your Spirituality as Great Wealth (herein this list and Spiritual Wealth talked about in Higher and Higher No. 2 by Williejay T. Strong);



  • Never get an attitude to think mean of people who make mistakes (including how they act);
  • Never get an attitude to get onto someone;
  • Never Cock Dissatisfaction with about someone doing wrong/bad;
  • [See:  It is not your job to micromanage someone, people are to micromanage their own selves.  People are going to make mistakes/do wrong on purpose-do not add fuel to the fire; Rowdiness is not the answer.]


  • Rightfully distance from people who may/tend on you getting hurt; keep your circle small;


  • Inner Resonate (Vibrations) Meditate to God for Mental/Physical Healing ... or let the Vibrations come in for Success;
  • Enjoy the good feeling times of life;



  • Totally Dedicate to do what is Right;
  • Figure out how to Live your Life before Living it greatly Considering Satans (People); if you choose to think right = you will go the right path = Person Power = Knowledge;
  • Be Content if have to be Poor;





  • Do Alternative Thinking to See the Light in your Dark Times;
  • Have Total Faith Everything will Work Out Right for You; Romans 8:28-that is a part of God's power as well as Physics is; if this was not true then there would be no reason to either do right nor live;