Finding the right seasonings to cook an item with is a hard part of cooking.  Fortunately with this meal I discovered a great one for it:   Heath Riles BBQ & Grilling Authentic Garlic Butter; Walmart.


It is hard to find a great grilled porkchop.  Nothing is like getting it.  And haven’t you always wanted to get it from home, not have to travel to get it.  Now you can get it at home.  This recipe renders you a juicy, flavorful porkchop in minutes.  The fat on the porkchops just makes it ever better.


This a good main entrée for a romantic dinner or just to surprise that special someone.


The recipe is simple.  So no need to worry about having the right marinating system and ....  And you can use a smokeless indoor grill to cook it (recommended).



INSTRUCTIONS:  Medium heavy season both sides of thawed pork chops before grilling with:  Heath Riles BBQ & Grilling Authentic Garlic Butter; Walmart


Grilling till done.



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