Williejason (“Williejay”) T. Strong; I am anointed.  Read my Biblical Correlation … Discoveries that Prove That and about me at

Real Dope is a Practical System (books, audio …) for people to use to Live The Right Way (Aid them in success).  Real Dope is the Knowledge We Need, the good stuff, that is Dope, Hip.
One important element of it is Team Build with Others to expose investors to innovators who have innovation ideas but not the finances … to implement them.
Being a long servant of God and mature Spiritualist it is evident to Williejay T. Strong (the author) that the keys to life are to think discrete specific ways.  He teaches those ways thru his material (the material herein).
Real Dope material covers life from early childhood till death.  Isn’t it time someone taught us how to live in discrete specific terms.  That is what elders are for.  But nobody has been well known to do a good job in it.  Williejay aims to be the first.
People need to learn how to live before making big mistakes.  Why live and make the same mistakes others made when we can learn exactly what went wrong and avoid them.  The reason people do not know how to live right is nobody ever stopped/were stopped to take time out to figure it out while living like Williejay.