STRAIGHT REAL DOPE TALK.  These are great wisdom nuggets suited for youth because they the ones who would benefit from them the most.  A sample/samples are on our YouTube channel:  Check them out.  Collections will be for sale on



This portion will be the private classes that we offer for all races.  These are crucial teachings we need that typical churches do not teach.  The classes include:

Raise Right; these are classes to teach 2- to 10-year-olds basically how to act.  If we do not raise our kids upright when they are young then they will grow to being bad; Proverbs 22: 6.  So we need to give good classes to kids to teach them how to behave.  The classes are fun.  The kids must attend the classes accompanied by an adult (s);

The Super Powers that God Gave Us; this tells the powers God gave us and how they work.  A lot of this is unknown to most Christians; some who are very mature might had learned some or all of these;

God’s Chemistry; this teaches how God’s life chemistry works-not to be overlooked;

Thoughts to Build on; these are current ways we need to work on our lives in organization …;

If you did not already know, then know Williejay sees his information being the real dope we need.

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