The following site contains content not suitable for minors. If you are minor then do not proceed otherwise you can (Click Here) for a Great affection design.

We teach how to have great affection.  The Bible embraces satisfying sex et al (Research it:  Song of Solomon Chapters 4, 5, and I Corinthians 7:5).  And I think along with two watch sex clips and learning how to please each other in that sexual commandments (tell to do statements) are needed to seal the deal.  I, Williejay, will present mine.  And I will have a female present hers.  There is nothing wrong with talking about sex et al in worshipping God; the Bible does.  This will be a site for 18 years or older to satisfy themselves/others/be satisfied.  Sex clips … are like pork:  I like pork but a lot of people say pork is not good for me.  So do I eat pork without abusing my body or do I not eat pork because a lot of people say it is bad?