The Life Systems.  These are the most recommended.  They are the systems to live by, by Williejay T. Strong.  These systems took Williejay over 20 diligently hard years to develop them.  And he is truly anointed; read about his life and discoveries that prove that (Click Here).  The systems that are on are:

Check Mate; the complete mate partnering system to use;

Friend-Love Artist; how to mate love;

Home Aides (coming soon); things to help you manage your home;

Life, and Love Healing (coming in the future);

Sharing the Love; how to get over loneliness;

Spiritual Core Preaching;

The Black Decline Collection; all the things Williejay has to say about what African-Americans must change;

The Life Vitamin; a great supplement to manage a better life;

Total Character Building;

Total Personal Organization and System Upgrade;

The Real Dope Business System (coming soon);


The Juicy Talk magazine.  The magazine is spiritual, cool and sexy.  Why can’t spiritual people be sexy, and cool?  It contains articles on heated crucial topics that African Americans overlooked.  They are given bi-seasonal.  To get a current copy for a very small fee then (Click Here).


Books for Blacks.  These are a list of the great individual books written and recommended for African Americans by Williejay T. Strong.  The Black Decline books are hard to take, very heated and but needed.  And all the books are worth your money and time.  All of Williejay’s books … are on: and/or  Bu the books for blacks are (Click Here).


Stop The Cycle.  These are heated Facebook ads on things African Americans are doing which they ought not to.  You can view the Facebook page to see ads that were and are posted (Click Here)


The Subscription.  Williejay provides supplemental church.  Like vitamins this information are things we dire need that we do not typically get from church.  The subscription is self-paced classes.  To read more about it (Click Here).  The Subscription is The Real Dope Church.

If you did not know then know Williejay is the artist Real Dope.

Thank you,