I, Williejason (“Williejay”) T. Strong, dedicate myself to get congressional changes made greatly affect blacks.  Like:

  • Removing the three strikes rule;
  • Making wiretapping a crime to be punished (which people use it to electronically stop people’s businesses …);
  • Having a [Mate Partner] Cheater’s Database and Court System;
  • Allowing people to have Rental Equity Credit;


I hope to help/get this done for the USA:  to have a Spiritual Department of Government.  That part of government would:

  • Give spiritual political perspectives from the Bible …;
  • Oversee spiritual classes be mandatory in grade school (how to chat, how to marry, how to communicate and treat one another, good character training (2- to 10- year olds, adolescence, adults), how to budget as an adult …;
  • Make the Broadcast Political Advertisement;
  • Make then provide Free Spiritual Manuals;
  • Create an alliance with other Countries to Provide Spiritual Oversee in their Governments (as our Spiritual Department of Government); www.RealFollowersof;

All the good from religions can be used to make the spiritual part of the government with a great emphasis on Christianity since most of the religious people over here are Christians.


Please donate (Click Here).  It is great that all races can work together.