This is a service provided by individuals in foreign countries (not USA) to aid people in the USA by giving them great friendship (conversation) from people who are highly spiritual and increasing USA people’s productivity thru conversation messages and/or chats.


The rules are:

  1. The servers are to have this message on their profile: SERVICE I DO:  I will give you daily conversation and/or reminders via conversation messages for “[  ]” per month, to be paid each month on the date the service begins; to view information about this service or view my profile by name go to:  https://realdope.org/a-real-dope-friend/.
  2. The server may choose to do the service, be a real dope friend, for free.  And tell on their profile:  I wish to be Real Dope Friends, go to: https://realdope.org/a-real-dope-friend.
  3. I recommend people to communicate as real dope friends, spiritualist friends (see:  www.BeASpiritualist.org)-to be mate partner satisfied (including affection talk, and/or virtual affection (sex …)).
  4. You need a real dope friend, spiritualist friend, to get down the road of life–mate partner wise.
  5. Never ask the other person for more money or they can cancel the service and not pay you.
  6. Never ask for partial or … parts of the payment in advance. Payment is to be made after each completed month.
  7. Discuss and agree to the boundaries of conversation (sex-talk …).
  8. Do a live video chat; to ensure the other person is who they say they are in the pictures.
  9. Determine the payment method.
  10. Designate the payment dates.
  11. Determine how much money is to be paid.
  12. Determine what conversations are to be done by time, day of week … (put it in a table).

Examples of the last two are below.



August 14, 2021

Dear Friend:

I will pay you $30 per month to give me these 1. very short conversations/messages and/or 2. conversation according to the schedule below.  I picked you because:

  • You are a very loving person;
  • You gave yourself to me and asked for nothing of me;
  • You love how I feel;
  • You make it your job to check on me;
  • We would get along because we are both highly spiritual;
7 a.m. Very Short Conversation / Message:  Command me to call the [my sister’s …] kids TO teach them. X X X
9 a.m. Very Short Conversation / Message:  Direct me to DO MY mouth hygiene X X X X X X X
10 p.m. Very Short Conversation / Message:  Talk me into doing stock research and trading requests X X X X X
8 p.m. Conversation:  Have a 30-minute conversation with me X X X X X X

This helps you and me because I need someone to look after me:  to make sure I do things that I have a hard time making sure I do.  As people we need each other for friendship or more, even to be paid for this service.  There is nothing wrong with helping each other.  If you had asked me for money then I would had ended friendship or more with you.  This schedule may change based on my needs, but do not be stressed, it is just giving communication at intervals.  How will I go about paying you if take this offer?


X = Do on



This service is to be one’s “loving mother” in case something happens to her.  We need people to do this service for us to get down the road of life.  The secret to mate partner happiness is having a good friendship.


I personally longed for a female to love me (ME) since I was a youth.  It was not till I found www.CDFF.com that I found that love.  I wanted that love so bad.  I tried so hard.  But God was setting me up to write my marriage books to teach the world how to love and follow God:  amazon.com/author/williejaytstrong.


It is good to find an Asian/African (who you would not mate partner with) to do this service for you who lives in Asia/Africa.  Because your USA dollars for her/him is worth 4 times that to you.  So you would be doing a great impact for him/her.  Especially since so many financially struggle.  We could do so much good by this.


Both would benefit.  Spiritual souls going down the train of life to the next destination.  How good is it to have someone to tell your feelings to?  How good is it to have someone have someone care for you, about you and with you?  No more having nobody to care about you.  No more felling lonely.


Life would be over shortly and before it ends you would realize that you had nothing because you did not have friendship love.  What is it to have everything without friendship?  You need to experience good friendship.  Yes “people” are no good.  “People” do not care.  But highly spiritual people are good and they do care and they exist on www.CDFF.com.



I suggest that people practice communication about:

Thoughts of

  • Checking up on each other and each other’s Families;
  • Oppression;
  • Peace and Seclusion;
  • Relaxation;
  • How We are to Live Our Personal Lives;
  • Having Been Blessed;
  • Being Blessed;
  • Blessings They Have;
  • Being Helpful to Someone Close;
  • Dignity to do Right;
  • Giving Encouragement;
  • Teaching Kids;
  • Funny Things;



  • Fear;
  • Let Down;
  • Anguish;
  • Love of what is Right;
  • Cheer;
  • Thankfulness of the Other;
  • Passionate Love for the Other;
  • Loving a Close One for Being Alive;
  • Erotic Affection;


Or that otherwise fall in the definition of Love (Click Here)

Have practice times;  Say we will practice discussion about [  ] now–to keep the relationship top quality.  Use my book “Pre and Post Mate Partner Conversation and Activities to Do” to begin your orderly width of conversation topics.



I seek A Real Dope Friend like that on https://realdope.org/a-real-dope-friend/. Checkout the site then let me know can you do the work for say $30 per month.  You must speak, write and read English Fluently though ok?


It is a service where you would be my friend to:  send me messages to remind me of things, daily chat with me and we can be intimate thru an online relationship.  The messages and daily chat would be done at set times.

[If she/he says /he/she is interested.]

Are you highly spiritual?

Do you speak, write and read English Fluently?

Please connect with me via WhatsApp. at [your WhatsApp. number].  Or please give me your number there.

I found you on WhatsApp.  Let’s go there.

Hi this is [your name] from CDFF.com.  I need you to be Real and see (by knowing how you are) if you are actually going to keep up with this.

I need communication and someone to keep me in tact.  Thereby I need to ask you for daily one on one conversation and to give me reminders.  We need each other for friendship.  That is what it is all about.


At times I may want to talk intimate with you (including sexual; a far time in the future.  You do not have to worry about making conversation but I need you to participate (comment … not just say “I agree, Yes or Ok.”); put some feelings and thoughts into it ok?


This friendship will equally benefit you and I; we would teach each other how to deal with situations, how to go about mate partnering and we will get thru life together.  I do not seek a physical relationship.  But it could happen but this not what that is intended for.  Ok?

What time is it there?

Here is what I need you to do:


Do you understand what I ask for?

Do you have any questions?

How can I pay you?  Never ask me for:

  • Money in advance
  • More money

Ok?  Really?

I will pay you [  ] on the [  ] of each month.

Great welcome to my life.  I am so happy and blessed to have you.  I hope we be happy by each other.